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A VDS Inc Company

Monthly Cost
All ALPHA-Hosting accounts are billed in three-month increments (if paid by credit card), or six-month increments (if billed). If paid by credit card, all accounts will be automatically renewed (and the same credit card charged) for successive three-month periods, unless ALPHA is informed not less than 14 days before the end of the current six-month period of the customer's desire to terminate his or her account. If paid by means other than credit card, payment for each successive six-month period must be received by ALPHA no later than the last day of the current period, or the account will be placed on a five-day hold, during which time the customer must remit full payment to avoid automatic termination at the end of the five-day hold period.

Setup Fee (one-time)

All setup fees are billed along with the initial three-month period.

30-Day No-Risk Guarantee

-Hosting features the absolute best guarantee in the business. Click here for more details.

Domain Name

Experience indicates that websites with their own domain names (www.yourcompany.com) are better received, better remembered, and exude more credibility than  sub-domains (i.e.www.host.com/yourcompany). Accordingly, ALPHA-Hosting believes that individual websites should always be registered under their own domain names, especially since cost savings (which once factored into the decision of which domain arrangement was less expensive) are no longer a factor at this price point Therefore, all things now being equal, a true virtual domain is vastly superior to a sub-domain.

InterNIC, the central domain name registry, charges a $70 fee for two years' use of your domain. ALPHA-Hosting will handle all administrative tasks related to your domain name registration, and will bill you directly for all InterNIC fees. ALPHA-Hosting will also administer the transfer of a domain name from another host, at no extra charge. InterNIC does not charge a fee for such transfers.

Disk Space
ALPHA-Hosting offers an incredible variety of choices, which is more than enough for over 99% of all websites in existence.

Data Transfer (website traffic)
This is another area that other web hosting services unfortunately like to restrict. Our "competition" decrees that any traffic to a site that exceeds an arbitrarily-imposed amount be charged additionally. ALPHA-Hosting, on the other hand, does not believe in penalizing you for your success. We hope to see our clients' sites become the busiest on the internet! To that end, our partners offer a wide range of services designed to help you build traffic to your site, not limit it. The bottom line? You won't find any traffic limits here.The only restriction we have is to the amount of file downloads.

Redundant T-3 Connections
Your website is not only safe with ALPHA-Hosting' 24x7 network monitoring, but is also FAST. Our servers are connected to the internet backbone via redundant T-3's, which means that visitors to your site will receive your data quickly and reliably.

Microsoft NT Hosting
Unlike other hosting companies who charge extra (a lot extra!) for Microsoft NT hosting, ALPHA-Hosting hosts ALL of their domains on state-of-the-art NT servers. Compare our NT hosting prices with some of our "competition." Don't pay more than you should for NT hosting.

Nightly Data Backup
While ALPHA-Hosting servers are state-of-the-art when it comes to dependability and security, all domains hosted by ALPHA-Hosting are afforded the added protection of nightly tape backup.

Email Support
All ALPHA-Hosting  accounts are entitled to unlimited technical support via email. We strive to answer all tech support requests with a friendly, knowledgeable response shortly after they are received. Your response time may vary according to the volume of requests at a given time. In any event, we guarantee a response within 12 hours on weekdays, and within 24 hours on weekends.

Priority Support
All ALPHA-Hosting "e-Commerce" accounts may receive technical support via email (as above) or telephone. Because ALPHA-Hosting believes that our customers are our most important assets, your call will not be placed on seemingly endless hold. Instead, if a tech support representative is immediately unavailable, your call will be returned by the first available rep.

FTP Access
You may upload as many changes to your website as you'd like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don't restrict your access in any way. Need FTP software? Sign up with us and we'll show you where to get the best, for free.

Email Forwarding & Aliasing
In addition to the POP email accounts included with your hosting package, ALPHA-Hosting provides unlimited email forwarding and /or aliasing. Here's how it works: Suppose your online venture requires four different email addresses for

four different departments. They might be "sales@yourcompany.com," "support@yourcompany.com," "info@yourcompany.com," and "webmaster@yourcompany.com." ALPHA-Hosting will have email sent to anyone at your domain automatically (and seamlessly) forwarded to the email address of your choice (either your ALPHA-Hosting POP account or any other email address you may possess through your dialup access provider).

POP Accounts
All ALPHA-Hosting  accounts receive  POP email accounts, ALPHA-Hosting "e-Commerce" accounts receive ten (10) POP email accounts.


Each ALPHA-Hosting hosting account comes with its own private CGI-BIN directory, which is used to add interactivity to your site. You may wish to incorporate response forms, guest sign-in books, access counters, etc. into your site. ALPHA-Hosting provides several useful CGI scripts for your use (see below).

CGI Scripts

When you sign up with ALPHA-Hosting, we'll show you where to get free scripts for email forms, guest books, access counters, and more.
Secure Server
If your e-Commerce site requires secure transaction capability (usually for credit card transactions), ALPHA-Hosting will provide access to our secure server for your use, at no extra charge. In order to complete the process of making your site secure, you will also need to obtain a Digital ID Certificate from Verisign. ALPHA-Hosting will handle all the paperwork necessary to obtain your certificate for a one-time fee of $395 (includes all Verisign fees; good for one year).

Microsoft FrontPage Support
Microsoft FrontPage provides a quick, effective way to create and manage professional-quality Internet sites without programming. It makes it easy for new users and professional Web developers alike to build and maintain great-looking, professional-quality Web sites in no time. All ALPHA-Hosting hosting accounts include FrontPage support at no extra charge!

RealAudio/Video Capability
RealNetworks' streaming media server solution delivers live and on-demand RealAudio and RealVideo and includes the tools you need to create audio and video content for your website.

Shopping Cart From TheNettStore
Electronic shopping cart programs enable web merchants (who sell retail merchandise) to seamlessly integrate several important features into their websites which make the shopping experience more attractive to the shopper, and transactional functions easier to administer by the merchant. All ALPHA-Hosting e-Commerce hosting accounts include deeply discounted access to the finest shopping cart program on the market, TheNettStore.

TheNettStore provides user-defined parameters for item name, part number, quantity, price, shipping and options, and more. Also included are flexible tax options including tax rates for each state or country and flat tax support; flexible shipping options including shipping by weight, total cost, number of items, and more. TheNettStore also supports SSL security and the (optional) CyberCash credit card payment system.

Password-protected Directories
This feature enables webmasters to create restricted areas on their websites, accessible only by entering the correct password.

Microsoft SQL Database (optional)
ALPHA-Hosting "e-Commerce" customers have access to the Microsoft SQL high performance database management system, which is designed to enable organizations to improve decision making and streamline business processes. The SQL Server’s built-in Internet integration gives organizations the ability to build Active Web sites, conduct business on the Internet and build corporate Intranet sites using open, high-performance solutions.

CyberCash Support
All ALPHA-Hosting "e-Commerce" hosting accounts come CyberCash-ready. First you'll need to establish an account with CyberCash, who acts as the electronic interface between your website and your bank. The CyberCash system checks your customers' credit cards for validity, sufficient credit, etc., then approves or rejects each accordingly. CyberCash then provides the means by which funds are automatically deposited into your bank account. ALPHA-Hosting can help you get through the process for a reasonable one-time fee.

Marketing Services
In our experience, we have found that most so-called web marketing companies offer little more than search engine "submit-it"-type services, which are of little value when relied upon exclusively as a marketing program. That's why when we have  created a strategic marketing plan for our merchants. Finally, you will find a web marketing plan that truly shows you how to get results via our exclusive 10-point web marketing program. When you sign up with ALPHA-Hosting, you'll have access to our marketing  experts.

Alpha  Acceptable Use Policy
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